Persistent-Connection HTTP (P-HTTP)

Authors: Venkata N. Padmanabhan and Jeffrey C. Mogul

P-HTTP is an optimized version of the HTTP protocol that improves performance significantly. The two key ideas in P-HTTP, persistent connections and pipelining, have both been adopted by the new HTTP/1.1 protocol (RFC 2068).

This directory contains source and binary files for our implementation of P-HTTP. The client, Mosaic, is derived from NCSA Mosaic version 2.4. The server, httpd, is derived from NCSA httpd version 1.3.

README.Mosaic and README.httpd contain a more detailed description of the client and server, respectively.

phttp.tar.Z is a compressed tar file containing the modified sources for Mosaic and httpd. This is also available from Digital's public FTP site

Mosaic.Z and httpd.Z are compressed Solaris binaries for these programs. Both have been dynamically linked to shared object (.so) library files. To run these on a Solaris system, set the enviroment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH appropriately. Also, make sure you have the .so files with the correct version numbers.

For questions/comments, please contact: Venkata N. Padmanabhan (